PSI Verse wants to develop super-heroic fiction!!!!


PSI Verse has placed an open call for serialized heroic fiction!!!!

PSI Verse accepts submissions from all levels of writers, whether they be newcomers or veterans. Everyone is welcome to submit their concepts and stories. But we won’t take just anything. Here’s what you need to know before you send that e-mail. Please read this information from top to bottom. Improper submissions will not be accepted!

  1. All stories must be original featuring only characters and ideas you have created or developed yourself. This not a fan fiction site. PSI Verse is only interested in original characters, original stories, and original concepts. Sure, just about every superpower imaginable has been done before, but that doesn’t mean we want to see stories featuring the Rabid Small Animal Man With Razor Claws. And don’t make ultimate powerful blue guy either. For the best stories, it’s actually better to not have your hero too overpowered as a word of advice.
  2. Remember to EDIT! If your work is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, don’t expect it to be published. We will not take the time to correct error after error in a manuscript. You will be asked to check it again and resubmit your work.
  3. While one-shot stories are occasionally accepted, serials are preferred. You can submit your short stories, and if they’re really good, we will probably publish them, but serials are preferred. These take one of two forms: the limited series or the ongoing series. Each form has slighly different guidelines to what you should send.
  4. Queries. You will first send a query letter. A query letter will be a brief synopsis of what story you plan to tell and a brief author bio. And include if it will be a limited series or an ongoing series. At this time, send all queries to queries at It can take up to ten days to hear back on your queries. Usually queries get replies faster than ten days but things can come up.
  5. Limited series. A limited series is a serial that has a consise beginning, middle, and end. They can run anywhere between two (2) and twelve (12) issues. When you submit a limited series, we want the following things: an author bio as you want it to appear, the first half of an issue of the work and an outline of the series broken down by issue, and a description of the central characters in the story. If published, your  limited series will stay up indefinitely or we will remove it three months after the creator’s request to do so.
  6. Ongoing series. An ongoing series generally focuses on one character or group of characters, and tells a variety of adventures. Often, these adventures will be broken down in to story arcs, which work on the same basis as limited series, but may have subplots and supporting cast members that continue from one part to another. When you submit ongoing series to PSI Verse, we want the following things: an author’s bio as you want it to appear, one issue, descriptions of the central characters in the saga, and an overview of where you see the story going over the first year or so. PSI Verse will keep each issue up indefinitely or for five months longer at an author’s request.
  7. Characters. One thing about PSI Verse is all work will share a common “universe”. So some characters may appear in your work but the character creator has the right to veto the appearance or make necessary character changes if you wrote the character “out of character” of what he or she may or may not do. Therefore, if you want to use another creator’s character, contact that person first and work out the details with him/her. PSI Verse Editor-In-Chief has many characters that are considered “public celebrities” that can be used when necessary by others on this site only. While characters belong to the owners, a general rule is a situation from one creator’s issue can be referenced in another creator’s issue. IE, if a bomb was defused in one creator’s story, another creator can have his/her character watching the news and see a report on it or have someone mention it. If you do this, it’s common courtesy to put mention of what story and issue number the event happened.
  8. Timeline. You can add to the established timeline to fit your characters into the timeline. However, you can’t change another creator’s established entry into the timeline.
  9. Crossovers. If you want to work on a crossover event between your characters and another creator’s, ask that creator. Crossovers are more than just a casual appearance of a character. They will normally last at least two issues with characters playing a major role in the story. However, if a creator gives the approval for a one issue crossover, that is a decision between creators and perfectly fine. Approved crossovers between creators is actually encouraged as long as they mutually agree.
  10. Submissions: SUBMISSIONS MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY ATTACHMENTS! We prefer that you break up the sample issue and the rest of the submission in to two e-mails, as this keeps e-mails from becoming too long. It can take two to four weeks to respond to submissions. Soon submissions will be done online but that’s still being worked out. If you plan to submit at a later date, check this page to see if there is any updates to the submission process.
  11. Payment: We don’t sell any of the stories on our site, so we don’t make any money on the site. That means we don’t pay for any stories. All we can offer you is a place where your work sees prints, and a loyal following of readers.
  12. Copyright information: PSI Verse is a trademark of Spoomph Entertainment Group, Inc but every story remains copyright and trademark its respective creator. You own your work, and can reprint and reuse it wherever and whenever you want. We only reserve the right to hold the story on the site for the minimum of the time listed above.
  13. We look forward to your submissions!